Energy Storage at Aikengall Farm

Site Location

The Proposed Development is situated in East Lothian, approximately 3 kilometres (km) south of Innerwick and 9.5km south of Dunbar.

The Proposed Development 

The Proposed Development is situated adjacent to an exisiting substation which serves the nearby Aikengall Community Wind Farm. The purpose of this energy storage facility is to store renewable energy and make it readily available for export to stabilise the local grid at points of peak demand. The Proposed Development will have a capacity of up to 19.99MW.  

The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) will comprise of the following infrastructure:

  • Containerised Battery Units
  • Containtersied Switchgear and Control Rooms
  • Underground Cabling 
  • Inverters and Transfromers
  • Permieter Security (Palisade) Fencing
  • A rolled stone compound
  • CCTV Security System
  • Planting and Environmental Enhancement Areas (east and west, directly adjacent to the site boundary)
  • A sustainable drainage system

Current Status 

The planning application was validated on the 11th October  by the East Lothian Council and is available to view online by clicking on the following link : 23/01071/P.

The Council has up until the 10th December to decide on the outcome of the application. In the meantime we will continously work alongside the council to assist with any queries they have on the application. 

For more information about the Proposed Development please refer to following documents below:

  1. Supporting Statement 
  2. Site Boundary
  3. Site Layout